HONOLULU HI (LPI) Limelight Media wishes to announce the beginning of popular Japanese Animation music show Anime in the Limelight as a WEEKLY HALF HOUR radio show on Original Hits KUMU AM 1500 beginning August 31st 2002.

The new episodes are still hosted by The Legendary Anime DJ MAX and are being posted a week after their radio appearance on our website at www.limepub.com/radio.html as KUMU AM 1500 does not stream. We're not sure if we'll continue the extended monthly show due to the new production schedule but we hope to try. Please contact us for advertising rates, requests, attaboys, dedications, or to turn in your favorite radio station to become a Limelighthouse in our quest to make radio fun again.

We wish to thank all our patient fans for their endless support. We've taken our first step to national syndication, the rest is in YOUR hands.