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Radio Program

Show V006

Originally Broadcast on 07/04/08

Artwork by Kokoro OnLine
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Meet me,

[Deskmates from Oska!]
All music and audio segments are copyrighted
by their respective holders. No copying or
recording of this broadcast is allowed.
Licensed through ASCAP.

And before we forget, we'd all like to thank Louis Ambris and NASA for writing our theme music for us!

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Special thanks to our friends at Kotobukiya for the friendship and support throughout the years!

Thank you for 8 great years!

We take requests, too! If there's a song that you just HAVE to hear, let us know and we'll do our best to play it for you. Send your requests to: request@limepub.com.

Recorded at our NEW LAS VEGAS studio, Anime in the Limelight will be your "Music To Read Manga By".

Anime in the Limelight has been rocking the Internet since 1997 with the best in Japanese anime and videogame music. Join us for a wonderful trip through the best in anime music, past and present!

Meet Max, your host for Anime in the Limelight, as you listen to some of the popular songs in anime today and from the past. Max has been collecting anime music since 1981 and knows much about the history of this medium.

You can e-mail Max at max@limepub.com.

We are the best known Anime music show on the web, and the only one mentioned by NAME in the FAQ for rec.arts.anime.music because of listeners like YOU.

It's Time for the Lime!

This show is dedicated to all the Producers and Directors who had to put up with as much crap as I did to get their projects completed.

Hey guys! If you're tired of listening to music, how's about the best anime talk radio show available worldwide? We're talking about our friends at...
Anime Radio

And then there's ASO Radio. These guys will be showcasing a bit of music now and then, with their news and reviews of anime related products.

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